Zimnat Social Media Followers Win Trip To Cape Town Marathon

By Byron Adonis Mutingwende

Zimnat today announced the social media winners of an all-expenses-paid trip to Capetown to participate in the Sanlam Marathon on September 15 and briefed the winners, Tariro Makanga and Lilian Choruwa, on what to expect in Capetown. Tariro and Lilian both live in Harare. Tariro, who lives in Highlands, is a broadcast journalist with a private media company, while Lilian, who lives in Borrowdale Brooke, works for a legal firm as a conveyancer. The marathon, which is the only Gold status marathon on the African continent, every year attracts 23 international running clubs and more than 15 000 runners, including some world class athletes.

Zimnat decided to give two social media followers the experience of a lifetime by running a competition on its social media platforms for the all-expenses paid trip to Capetown to participate in the marathon. Entrants to the competition could either tag a Zimnat social media page with a video or picture of how they would get ready for a marathon with a partner or a friend or else tag Zimnat in a posted video of them sharing a story about someone who helped them on their life’s journey.

This was in line with the theme of the marathon, which is Life Is A Marathon, You can’t do it alone. The winning entry was the one with the most likes. The competition attracted an overwhelming number of submissions. A total of 55 000 people were reached, with 4 231 engagements, 914 likes and 612 comments in just one week. Tariro managed to secure the tickets for herself and Lilian with 327 likes. Zimnat is sending them both to Capetown so that they encourage and motivate each other as they take on the 10km race. Zimnat Group Marketing Executive Angela Mpala took the winners through what they had won and the activities awaiting them in Capetown, during a handover ceremony at Zimnat House in Harare today.

They are set to depart on September 14 on a direct flight to Capetown, where they will experience world-class service at the Radisson RED, the 4,5 Star hotel where they will reside and dine for the duration of their stay.The pair will run the marathon the following day, after which they will be taken on a sightseeing tour of Capetown. They will travel back to Zimbabwe the next day, September 16. They could hardly contain their excitement at the handover ceremony.

“We are excited. We have been running marathons for years and are glad it has reaped rewards. This win coincides with Lilian’s birthday, which makes it an especially welcome celebration. We are proud to be associated with Zimnat,” Tariro said. Zimnat is also sending to Capetown two staff members, who won the trip in a separate promotion for staff.

Zimnat Group CEO Mustafa Sachak said he was pleased with the huge response to the promotion. “With this promotion we have managed to cover our most important stakeholders, who are our clients and our staff. In line with our purpose of making life better, we always want to promote health and wellness. We are pleased with the overwhelming response we have received,” he said.

Ms Mpala said those who wanted to stay updated on the winners’ journey and share their travels, experiences and stay in Cape Town could do so by visiting Zimnat’s social media pages. Zimnat is associated with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution on the continent. It offers businesses and individuals a variety of products, including motor insurance, home insurance, life assurance, travel insurance, funeral cover, health and accident insurance, pension schemes, unit trusts and private wealth management.

Zimnat marathon beneficiary scheduled for surgery

Cebisani Ndlovu, the 30-year-old Bulawayo man for whom Zimnat organised a fund-raising marathon last November, is provisionally booked for spinal surgery in the second week of next month.

The half-marathon Zimnat organised at Barclays Sports Club in Harare to raise funds for Mr Ndlovu’s spinal surgery raised almost $7 000, only $500 short of the $7 500 it was estimated at the time would be required for the surgery.

So far Zimnat has paid $8 654.94 for hospitalisation, doctor’s fees, a surgical assistant and the anaesthetist, in addition to $550 for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan.

“We are glad to have been able to make Cebisani’s surgery possible. His surgery has been tentatively scheduled for the second week of February.

“We should like to thank all those who helped us to help Cebisani by participating in the marathon we organised on November 10 last year,” said Zimnat group marketing executive Angela Mpala.

There was a huge turnout for the marathon, with 740 people taking part in the half-marathon or shorter runs, while others who did not run donated towards the total amount raised for Mr Ndlovu’s surgery.

Mr Ndlovu, who has difficulty walking, even with the aid of crutches, which he first started using in Form One, witnessed the fund-raising marathon and chatted to some of the participants.

“Zimnat is committed to making life better for others. We were moved by the plea of this young man, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Risk Management and Insurance but has been unable to obtain a job due to his disability.

“We decided to ask members of the public to help us assist him and they responded magnificently,” she said.

Investors need to avoid market jitters and stay the course

By Rishay Lalla

The recent inflation spike coupled with volatility on the parallel market, low interest rates and a hazy economic outlook are just a few ingredients of what seems to be a rather distasteful beverage being served to investors in Zimbabwe.

Media coverage has raised toxicity, fuelling anxiety levels through providing endless, sometimes contradictory, commentary on what actions individuals should take, the prize enigma being whether “this time is the same or similar to the previous woes of 2008”.

For one, the character of Mr Market (the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange) has been rather different. Volatility has been fuelled by strong perceptive emotions by investors on the bourse. Being wise to the corrosive nature of currency depreciation has resulted in significant speculative behaviour on the stock market, thereby elevating inherent risk levels.

The question now for some is whether to cut losses and get out or perhaps hold onto stocks, maintaining an investment as a buffer or hedge.

With the stock market having risen more than 50 percent this year, just how affordable are these stocks for a local investor whose salary has not increased by this much?

It has become increasingly important, therefore, to ensure that, if one is investing on the stock market, the right stocks are being held in a portfolio.

It is not enough to secure your hard-earned savings by buying “good and strong” stocks. A sure way to lose value is by purchasing great stocks at excessive prices.  Without realising it investors can be stuck in a pattern of panic buying over-priced stocks for fear of losing more value. How does one understand value in this opaque economic climate?

Gains for seasoned investors are not won on daily market oscillations but rather from growth experienced over many years. The economy will eventually settle. So, what’s the right move in this tumultuous environment?

“All intelligent investing is value investing acquiring more than you are paying for. You must value the business in order to value the stock,” advises American investor and businessman Charlie Munger.

Staying the course involves investing in quality stocks at good prices. It negates the need for stock market gambling. Invest in profitable companies with good corporate governance, value addition and potential for growth. Stock prices will eventually reflect the true value of the underlying companies. It is best to own shares in a few select companies that will help to build wealth over time.

This, though, is only one part of the investing equation, since it focuses on just one investment class. We have all heard of the idiom ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Balancing one’s investment, however, can be quite daunting, especially where you cannot see the price of the investment every day or where a property investment is not visible or listed on a stock exchange.

Fortunately, Zimnat Asset Management is equipped with the right people, skills and tools to safely navigate investment of your hard-earned savings or retirement funds.  Accurate interpretation of information by experienced professionals provides a clear advantage in the investment world.

ZAM’s investment services go beyond stock market investments. They include bonds, money market and alternative investments as well. The research team keeps up with market trends and financial news to ensure that clients’ strategies remain on track to achieve long-term growth. This is all part of Zimnat’s endeavour to make life better.

Asset management is key to long-term financial planning

In an effort to make life better, Zimnat offers services essential for prudent wealth management, from insuring wealth to providing short-term financing solutions and long-term financial planning.

Long-term financial planning is a rich discipline with a myriad of tools. Asset management is one of the key tools at one’s disposal in the quest for long-term financial planning.

The asset manager’s goal is to protect and grow the client’s wealth through investment vehicles in equities, fixed income securities, property and other structured investments. The mysterious science behind it is simply in-depth analysis of economic and political information that allows for efficient allocation of capital.

Pension funds and corporates are usually familiar with the need for long-term financial planning.

Pensioners should be able to comfortably live off the income from their annuity for the rest of their life (if they've put enough money into it). Providing this level of financial security for ordinary people is a pension fund's primary aim and, in the current climate, a serious investment challenge.

For corporates, capital accumulation is important for business expansion. It is required to support the process of establishing new subsidiaries and building them into successful entities that can provide them with a strong return on their investment.

Zimnat Asset Management provides discretionary and non-discretionary investment management and advisory services to pension funds, life assurance companies and corporate companies, as well as high net worth individuals and families.

Each client’s investments are managed according to a specific strategy, which is extensively discussed and reviewed periodically to align the client’s portfolio and investment objectives.

Unlike the entities mentioned above, ordinary individuals are usually not inclined to think in terms of long-term financial planning. When they do, investing and savings are viewed as the same thing.

Savings are part of one’s income set aside in one’s bank account or under one’s pillow or as contributions to a savings club for spending at a future date.

However, investments are savings that generate returns through, for instance, dividends, interest or rentals. Investments, when managed correctly, increase in value over time, allowing one to sell at a profit.

Individual investment contributes to financial security and independence. It allows one to build wealth faster and thereby attain certain goals, such as buying a home, saving for retirement or starting a business.

Ordinary individuals are hesitant to invest, because investment tends to be associated with large sums of money.


Unit trusts are investment vehicles that pool investors’ money into a single fund, which is managed by a fund manager. It does not matter how much an individual investor contributes to the fund pool. It can be as little as $150.

Zimnat Asset Management operates several unit trust funds that offer exposure to money market instruments, quoted equities and bonds.

Management of risk is an important factor in long-term financial planning. It not only considers economic fundamentals but the political environment, international relations, the corporate governance practices of listed companies and changes in investment regulations, as well as the social responsibility of the individual or corporation with the wealth.

Zimnat Asset Management continually assesses client portfolios to ensure they are structured according to the underlying risk appetite of each client, with the ultimate objective of hedging against potential capital loss.


In a nutshell, whether you are an individual or corporation, an asset manager will aid you in achieving your long-term financial goals.

Zimnat Asset Management provides innovative investment solutions aimed at meeting the wide-ranging requirements of its clients.

Zimnat is a diversified financial group made up of four business units, namely Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat Financial Services and Zimnat Asset Management. It is associated with Sanlam, which is the largest non-banking financial services group on the continent.

For more details contact us on e-mail customercare@zimnat.co.zw or call us on 024‑2707582/3/5/6. Website: www.zimnat.co.zw


How to strive in hard times

By Praise Rundofa

When life gives us a hard time we usually wish that such times never have happened. One day you have a job, the next you don’t, your car breaks down, house still incomplete, you don’t have enough saved up for your child’s fees for the term. These are some of the very real scenarios of challenges that we are exposed to. In the midst of these hard times Zimnat, has a way of making life better for you despite the complexity.

The basic step in dealing with hard times is to realize that some of them are real opportunities. Insecurity is a bitter pill to swallow but that fear can motivate someone to learn how to be resilient and adaptive to future highs and lows. Zimnat Microfinance offers clients business loans of up to RTGS$250,000 that can help one hedge against hard times; through facilities such as working capital financing, asset financing to mention but a few.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus, says "We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them." It's easy to forget that we have this choice when we're caught in the current situation - especially fear, despair, or anger.  Our pain looms so large that it seems immutable we can always choose how we respond. And this choice begins in how we talk to ourselves about our circumstances and decisions we make in business.  What we say to ourselves about what's happening to us has a profound impact on how we feel about it.  Positive thinking is a strong force everyone can tap into. Do your thoughts nurture you and bring you hope for your future? If not, create a healthy belief system. Think uplifting thoughts, choose uplifting feelings and focus on creative ideas.

Life problems don't cause depression but it’s the inability to cope with the life problems that can lead to depression. To prepare for financial setbacks, we need to have prepared beforehand. Do we have an emergency fund? Do you have funds to cushion your business? Start simple by talking to Zimnat financial advisors for a solution.

When you are fretting and fearful, stop and think of Zimnat, a tried and tested brand that has been in existence for over 50 years and associated with the largest non-banking financial services group on the African continent Sanlam.

The more you acknowledge gratitude, the happier you will become. Gratitude heals. You can choose to focus on what’s missing in your life, but what you need instead is a solution. You can choose happiness now by choosing to make your life better with Zimnat.

Zimnat is a diversified Zimbabwean financial group associated with the Sanlam Group, which has four business units, namely Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat Financial Services and Zimnat Asset Management.

Thomas Karimbika
[Insert: Businessman Thomas Karimbika received RTGS$1000 working capital loan from Zimnat Microfinance. He managed to restock his 2 butcheries which ensured the continuity of his business.]
[Insert: Anne Grace Mudzonga an entrepreneur who managed to secure a working capital loan to start her business which has become the source of livelihood.]

Zimnat and THI exhibit together at Agrishow

Zimnat and THI insurance, which earlier this year entered into an underwriting management agency agreement with Zimnat General Insurance, are jointly participating in this year’s Agricultural Dealers’ and Managers’ Association Agrishow.

The agreement between THI and Zimnat General Insurance, which came into effect on January 1 this year, resulted in THI being underwritten by Zimnat in conjunction with Santam Agriculture, through Zimnat’s shareholder partnership with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution in Africa.

THI’s agricultural insurance experience and Zimnat’s wide general insurance experience and partnership with Santam Agriculture, as well as the brand reputation of all three of these entities, have enhanced the insurance products and service they are able to offer farmers.

Farmers participating in the ADMA Agrishow will be able to discover some of the insurance benefits that the combined expertise and resources of Zimnat, Sanlam Agriculture and THI offer them.

THI, Zimnat and Santam Agriculture together have the resources to respond effectively to the changing insurance needs of Zimbabwean farmers and their upstream and downstream service suppliers.

There are many risks that farmers face, including variations in the weather and pest infestations that require good agricultural insurance policies.

There are also many other types of insurance policies offered by Zimnat, such as vehicle insurance and life assurance, that farmers could benefit from.

Zimnat Life, Zimnat Financial Services and the Funeral Services Group are participating in the Agrishow alongside Zimnat General Insurance and THI Insurance, enabling farmers to learn about not only the agricultural insurance products that THI and Zimnat offer them but about the full range of services Zimnat offers.

This includes vehicle insurance and other short-term insurance policies, as well as trade credit insurance, offered by Zimnat General Insurance, life assurance policies and retirement plans, funeral policies and services, and financial services, including loans and asset management, offered by Zimnat Financial Services.

Mobile agricultural laboratory brings technology to the field

The AgriShow held at Borrowdale Racecourse from Thursday last week until Saturday was an eye opener for those who attended it for the first time, with an impressive exhibition of agricultural equipment, much of which was large modern sophisticated machinery.

The show, held by the Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers Association (ADMA), attracted not only manufacturers of and dealers in farming equipment but many other companies that offer products and services to the agricultural sector.

Among the large exhibits was a 20 metre 30 tonne mobile agricultural laboratory designed to provide agricultural laboratory services in rural areas. The impressive laboratory was stationed at the Zimnat/THI Insurance stand.

The two companies showcased the mobile laboratory, in partnership with Santam Agriculture, a subsidiary of Sanlam, a South African company with which Zimnat is associated.

The laboratory is well equipped. All the equipment, apart from air conditioners, is run with solar power.

The laboratory truck includes a training room, which can be used for training groups of farmers and to introduce agriculture science to youths in remote areas. If the group is too large for the training room, those outside the truck can follow proceedings in the training room on two high definition televisions screens.


One of the main purposes of the mobile laboratory is to enable farmers to have soil and water tests done close to where they are, so they do not have to travel long distances to have such samples analysed. An analysis of soil samples is important for deciding on what fertiliser to use.

Zimnat General Insurance chief executive officer Stanley Mazorodze says the laboratory is intended not only to enable emerging farming businesses to do soil and water analysis but also to introduce technology to rural schoolchildren.

“The mobile laboratory enables us to bring appropriate technology to the field where it is needed most,” he said.

The Zimnat/THI stand had a rural feel to it, with bales of straw being used as seats. The two companies highlighted the agricultural insurance they offer and the benefits to be derived from the joint expertise and resources of Zimnat, Sanlam Agriculture and THI.

“THI, Zimnat and Santam Agriculture together have the resources to respond effectively to the changing insurance needs of Zimbabwean farmers and their upstream and downstream service suppliers,” Mr Mazorodze said.

There are many risks that farmers face, including variations in the weather and pest infestations that require good agricultural insurance policies, he pointed out.

Zimnat made use of its presence at the AgriShow to highlight other insurance policies that Zimnat offers, such as vehicle insurance, export credit insurance and life assurance, and the financial and asset management services provided by Zimnat Financial Services.

Zimnat Trade Credit Insurance stimulates exports

By Taurai Craig Museka

As Zimbabwe endeavours to stimulate economic growth, increasing trade is one of the major priorities of both the government and the private sector. Trading with international markets presents remarkable opportunities to earn foreign currency and grow the economy.

Zimnat General Insurance is assisting the nation in confronting the economic challenges it faces by providing Trade Credit Insurance to facilitate trade.

It is only through meaningful trade that the nation can increase its income and reduce poverty among its citizens. However, trade, particularly with international markets, presents risks. It is the priority of any economy, therefore, to recognise and manage any risk associated with trade.

Zimnat through its Trade Credit Insurance Division is assisting companies across all markets to reduce the risk associated with trade in both local and international markets.

Trade Credit Insurance is an insurance policy that is offered to businesses that wish to protect their accounts receivables from loss due to credit risks and in some instances political risks.

When a business offers deferred payment terms to its local or foreign buyers, there is a risk that the buyer might fail to pay at maturity, something that is common in any struggling economy.

A Trade Credit Insurance policy comes in to compensate businesses in the event that their foreign or local buyer fails to pay them due to insolvency, bankruptcy, protracted default and in some cases actions or inactions on the part of the buyer’s government.

Trade credit insurance is a proven tool used to mitigate risk associated with trade. The product is designed to give exporters confidence to increase export sales and establish a presence in export markets.

As an example, a Zimbabwean plastic bag manufacturer may use trade credit insurance in two ways.

Firstly, if it needs to access raw materials from a foreign supplier (foreign exporter) on credit, Zimnat can come in and offer trade credit insurance to that supplier. If the local buyer defaults on payment, Zimnat will compensate the foreign supplier.

Secondly, the plastic bag manufacturer can offer credit terms to its local or foreign buyers when it sells the finished product. To protect itself from the risk that its buyers might default on payment, it can take out a Zimnat Trade Credit Insurance policy, which entitles it to compensation in the event that the buyer has defaulted.

Trade credit insurance therefore assists buyers by providing them with time to generate income from sales before paying for the products and it assists sellers by giving them the peace of mind of knowing that they will receive compensation if their customer defaults.

In the Zimbabwean scenario, local businesses can use trade credit insurance to access different products and raw materials from foreign suppliers without the need to pay for them upfront or produce letters of credit.

Trade credit insurance can also assist local manufacturers by enabling them to sell their products on credit to foreign markets that they would otherwise perceive as risky knowing that payment is guaranteed and consequently growing their exports.

Trade credit insurance is therefore more than just an insurance policy. It is a financial instrument, particularly for exporters, for managing risks. Trade Credit Insurance kicks in when buyers are unwilling or unable to provide any form of security for their credit sales by way of bank guarantees or letters of credit.

As Zimbabwe’s banking sector battles with decreased liquidity and a low appetite for lending, Zimnat’s Trade Credit Insurance can become a substitute for banks’ letters of credit.

Where foreign suppliers exporting into Zimbabwe wish to facilitate business by offering credit terms to their customers in Zimbabwe, they can use trade credit insurance as security in case a Zimbabwean buyer fails to pay the debt.

Zimnat Trade Credit Insurance, which is situated in Belvedere, Harare, has established relationships with local and foreign reinsurers with which it shares the risk of trade losses, which makes it well equipped to absorb the losses that can occur in any currency.

Where businesses want to enter into new markets, issues to do with buyer reliability always arise. Apart from compensating businesses when they are faced with credit losses, Zimnat’s Trade Credit Division assists in gathering information about local and foreign buyers and markets all over the world.

Zimnat is an associate of the Sanlam Group, one of Africa’s largest financial services groups, which gives it access to information on millions of companies worldwide.

Zimnat Trade Credit Insurance assists businesses in gathering information on foreign buyers and exports markets that they wish to enter.

It provides businesses with professional credit risk expertise, credit management and collection assistance. Thus companies do away with the need to hire third party debt collectors at a cost.

Another benefit businesses can obtain from the Zimnat Trade Credit Insurance is that it unlocks credit value with financial institutions. The Zimnat Trade Credit Insurance policy can give businesses access to receivables financing and improved credit terms from lending institutions.

Trade Credit Insurance is made for uncertain times to ensure the continuity of any business. The establishment by Zimnat of a dedicated Trade Credit Insurance division that focuses solely on assisting Zimbabwean businesses to obtain much-needed protection when they venture into the export market is designed to enable the private sector to play a crucial role in assisting the government to turn around the economy.

Fore more information please call us now on (242) 741461 or our toll free number 08080063/4/6  or visit our website www.zimnat.co.zw

Man running in marathon

Zimnat offers expenses paid participation in Capetown marathon

Zimnat is offering its lucky social media followers an all-expenses-paid trip to Capetown. Winners of this competition will participate in the annual Sanlam Marathon to be held next month. The Capetown marathon runs from September 22 to 23. It is the only Gold status marathon on the African continent. The Capetown marathon attracts over 23 international running clubs annually. This includes a world-class elite field of athletes and more than 15 000 runners.

As a way of making life better, Zimnat will be giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to three lucky winners – two social media followers. To top it off one member of staff will also participate in the Capetown marathon.

How you can win

To stand a chance to win interested candidates should follow and tag Zimnat’s social media pages. They are then expected to post a video or picture of how one would get ready for a marathon with a partner or a friend.

Alternatively, would-be winners can post and tag Zimnat in a video of them sharing a story about someone who has been instrumental in their success.

This is in line with this year’s theme – #LifeIsAMarathon, you can’t do it alone. Zimnat and Sanlam strongly believe in teamwork and working together towards achieving life goals and targets.

Winning criteria

The winners will be selected by the general public by tallying up the post with the most likes.

Zimnat’s social media pages can be accessed on https://www.facebook.com/Zimnat/, https://twitter.com/zimnatofficial, https://zw.linkedin.com/company/zimnat.

Zimnat will also be giving away some branded running vests until the start of the marathon so everyone is guaranteed a share of the give-aways.

The giveaway competition will run until 20 August to give enough time to prepare travel and living arrangements for the winners.

The Capetown marathon is a great chance to travel and sightsee with a partner or friend. It also provides an opportunity to cultivate a culture of fitness. This opportunity is open anyone who would love to start a health-conscious journey.

Zimnat is associated with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution on the continent. The company offers businesses and individuals a variety of products including motor insurance, home insurance, life assurance, travel insurance, funeral cover, health and accident insurance, pension schemes, unit trusts and private wealth management.

2019 Thematic Campaign Highlights

By Shingirai Mazambani

Last year, we launched a thematic campaign titled ‘Making Life Better.’ The objective of the campaign being to drive the Zimnat Group purpose. The campaign which ran in the mainstream media covering radio, press, digital and TV won various awards at the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe Exceptional Marketing Awards for 2019.

In May, this year we launched a continuation of the campaign, with the focus now on Zimnat makes life better, with the focus being on the practical ways Zimnat lives its purpose. Again the campaign covers print, digital radio, TV and billboards.

The most exciting and innovative billboard is the one that has been placed along Borrowdale Road, just before the Borrowdale Race Course facing traffic going towards town. The billboard shows boulders falling and a car accidentally crashing into the boulders and carries the message ‘Whatever life delivers, Zimnat makes it better. The communication being that should life throw challenges at you, Zimnat will make the situation better.

What is very exciting about the billboard is that it is 3D to represent the actual container and boulders falling. It also uses an actual car wreck in this execution, which is permanently stationed at the billboard. This an innovative execution that has never been done in Zimbabwe.  What is also unique about these billboards it that they bring home the reality of why one would need to be insured. They are dramatic and drive the message home.

Zimnat innovative billboard
Zimnat billboard along Borrowdale Road

Below are some of the adverts and billboards that are part of this years; thematic campaign.