By Pamela Mukuze

When we think about our offices or workplaces, fitness and work-health balance is not the first thing that comes to mind. Many of us spend our days sitting at our desks looking at computer screens.

We may even have lunch at our desks. Encouraging fitness in the workplace can be extremely beneficial to both the organisation and staff.

The endorphins released during those few minutes of exercise can help boost the self-confidence and energy. It can also bring more positive attitudes amongst your staff making them less stressed.

A motivated and happy staff is a golden goose for exceptional business performance. Encouraging physical and mental exercise increases productivity in the workplace by boosting mental alertness and reducing staff errors.

Exercising also increases the blood flow to your brain, which helps sharpen your awareness and makes you better prepared to tackle your next big project.

An organisation has fit employees, it is likely there will be less downtime, as the number of staff members calling in sick is significantly reduced. There are many ways for employers to encourage their staff to keep fit, regardless of a company’s size.

Zimnat makes life better for its staff by providing a platform for them to wind down and enjoy some bit of exercise.

This is made possible by the provision of onsite sporting facilities for table tennis and pool where staff can come in and have a crack at some games whilst on lunch or after a long day’s work.

Showing employees that you care about their fitness levels is a great way to boost morale. It demonstrates to team members and colleagues that their health and wellbeing is important to the company they work for.


Below are a few benefits of exercise:

  • It pumps up your endorphins, relieving stress and increasing energy levels.

  • It improves your mood, making you happier.

  • It is good for your muscles and bones.

  • It can help with skin health.

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