Zimnat General CEO demonstrating product use

Zimnat launches WhatsApp based Motor Insurance Renewal

Zimnat General Insurance has introduced a WhatsApp based Motor insurance, ZBC radio and ZINARA licence renewal, a service that it’s motor insurance customers can use to renew motor insurance and vehicle licenses.

Just like “messaging” on WhatsApp, current Zimnat and new customers can now renew their motor vehicle insurance, ZBC radio and ZINARA licence on WhatsApp from wherever and whenever in a few easy steps.

The process is easy, one simply needs to initiate a conversation with the number “0786206209” by sending their vehicle registration number to the WhatsApp number e.g. AZZ1234 and they will get an instant response of what to do next. Payment is then made via Ecocash, Icecash or OneMoney wallet instantly. The process can be done in less than 2 minutes.

We also have our toll-free customer contact number 08080063/64 readily available to assist our clients navigate this new innovation.

Once a client has renewed their policy, they can then collect their license discs from any Zimnat office or select OK and Bon Marche stores nationwide at a time of their choice.

The innovation ties in with the change in trends where WhatsApp penetration has significantly grown in Zimbabwe, making it the most used applications in the country.  The service therefore gives many customers an easy way to access their insurance.

Imagine renewing your motor vehicle and radio licence on WhatsApp instead of travelling to a brick and mortar office. How convenient!

Speaking on the launch of this exciting initiative Stanley Mazorodze the chief executive officer  of Zimnat General Insurance said “As part of our thrust to always offer our clients superior client experience, we are pleased  to  be introducing a WhatsApp based licence renewal platform for our third party motor insurance clients.”

“Not only are we bringing convenience and ease of doing business with us, but we are truly making life better in these times of the pandemic.

One of the key insights we learnt from the COVID  19 pandemic was the shift from the brick and mortar to the digital and remote working culture.

This platform therefore could not have come at a better time as it allows our valued clients to renew their insurance from the safety of their homes, as they too fight to flatten the curve”, he added.



THI Insurance acquired by Zimnat General

Acquisition of THI Insurance by Zimnat General Insurance




NOTICE is hereby given in terms of Section 33 of the Insurance Act [Chapter 24:07] that:


  1. Application for Approval of Amalgamation


The respective directors of THI Insurance (Private) Limited (“THI”) and Zimnat Lion Insurance Company Limited (“Zimnat Lion”) intend to make an application to the Minister of Finance for the approval of the following transaction:


The proposed acquisition of the whole of the business of THI by Zimnat Lion and the subsequent amalgamation of the business of THI under Zimnat Lion.


  1. Salient Features of the Transaction


Subject to all Conditions Precedent being fulfilled, Zimnat Lion shall acquire the entire issued share capital of THI. Upon consummation of the transaction, THI shall become a wholly owned subsidiary of Zimnat Lion.


  1. Representations and Inspection of Documents


Any person who wishes to make representations relating to the application must lodge them, in writing, with the Commissioner of the Insurance and Pensions Commission, 160 Rhodesville Avenue, Greendale, Harare and may copy the representations to the undersigned within 21 days of the date of publication of this notice.

The relevant Share Purchase Agreement shall lie open for inspection during the notice period at the offices of the undersigned parties.



Legal Advisors to Zimnat Lion

15th Floor, Joina City

Corner Jason Moyo Avenue/Julius Nyerere Way



The Directors                                      

THI Insurance (Private) Limited

Endeavour Crescent

Mount Pleasant Office Park








The Directors

Zimnat Lion Insurance Company Limited

Zimnat House

Corner 3rd Street & Nelson Mandela Avenue Harare


















 By Takudzwa Sherekete

- Research Manager takudzwas@zam.co.zw


The Covid-19 virus has resulted in one of the deepest recessions globally. Most countries are expected to face economic recessions.

The worst affected sectors include tourism industry, transportation and construction and real estate.

On the other hand, the pandemic bodes well for the healthcare industry and the telecommunication and media industries.

The chart below shows an overview of the potential impact of the Covid-19 pandemic by economic sector.

The global economy was at its lowest during the March 2020 and has since started to recover as most countries have commenced the process of relaxing lockdown conditions.

However, the risk of a second wave of infections still poses a significant risk on the global economy. The extent of the recession is dependent on a few pre-Covid-19 economic conditions.

Namely, countries with higher pre-crisis vulnerabilities and trade and financial linkages with the global economy are more impacted by the crisis.

According to the IMF World Economic Outlook (WEO) as at June, the global economy is estimated to contract by circa 4.9%, despite the extraordinary efforts of governments to counter the downturn with fiscal and monetary policy support.

Fiscal and monetary policy support is according to the IMF estimated to have reached US$9 trillion as at May 2020. The breakdown looks like this:

  • direct budget support is currently estimated at US$4.4 trillion globally, and additional public-sector loans and equity injections, guarantees, and other quasifiscal operations (such as non-commercial activity of public corporations) amount to another US$4.6 trillion.

The World Bank’s Outlook Report as at June also highlighted that the pandemic may have a long-term impact on the Emerging Market economies as many had already been forecasted to experience a slowdown in economic growth during 2020.

In order to soften the social and economic impact on the informal sector, policy makers are expected to provide timely and appropriate solutions.

This brief paper seeks to summarize the salient issues impacting the global economy and provide an outlook on the Zimbabwean economy post-Covid 19.


READ MORE BY CLICKING THIS LINK >>> https://tinyurl.com/y5794y3j

Zimnat launches digital magazine

Zimnat has launched a digital financial services magazine, dubbed “Zimnat Insider”, in its continuous quest to make life better and respond to the environment. This launch of the digital magazine comes at an opportune time where we are faced with a pandemic which calls for social distancing and minimising contact.

The Zimnat Insider Magazine is a digital financial services magazine designed to provide educative and entertaining information to our customers and stakeholders at large. The magazine will feature topics ranging from socio-economic issues, insurance, wealth management and entertainment. The magazine will be available from the Zimnat website and the group’s social media pages.  Copies will also be sent directly to  Zimnat clients.

Commenting on the launch of the magazine, Zimnat Group CEO Mustafa Sachak said, “as Zimnat our purpose is to make life better in all our endeavours and this new magazine will help bridge the information gap with regards to financial advice to help people realise their full potential. The idea of publishing a magazine came up after we realised that as financial service providers in the country, we could do more to promote financial literacy and given the current lockdown regulations in place most people have ample time on their hands to read.

We acknowledge that the news cycles have been dominated by Covid-19 and this can be a bit overwhelming and disconcerting to some, so we hope that this new publication will help all our stakeholders keep their minds preoccupied and active. To ensure we cater for the psychosocial well-being of the family in these trying times, the magazines also have brain teasers that allow readers to participate as families. We hope this will also give families the opportunity to also use their digital devices in a manner that promotes social cohesion,” said Mr Sachak.

The launch of the digital magazine comes after the organisation was featured in the Fintech Magazine of April 2020 for its trailblazing efforts in digital transformation in the Zimbabwean insurance sector.

The group has seen various innovations that seek to make life better for Zimbabweans being launched this year with the most recent one being the launch of the inflation adjusted Gadziriro funeral cash plan.

Zimnat is a diversified financial services group made up of Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Asset Management, Zimnat Microfinance and Zimnat Life Assurance. The group is associated with Sanlam the largest non-banking financial services group on the continent.

Read our latest issue below. Enjoy🕺🏾

[responsive-flipbook id="zimnat_insider_3"]

Zimnat hosts online cocktail party for clients

Zimnat has found an innovative way to interact with and entertain its clients during the Covid‑19 lockdown, by holding online cocktail parties, which it has branded Gungano/Umhlangano Online Cocktail Parties.

The first of these was held today (Friday) for Zimnat Life Assurance corporate customers. More will be held in the coming weeks.

Invitations to attend the online cocktail party were sent out earlier in the week. Food and drinks were delivered to each invited client’s preferred location 30 minutes before the online party began.

The online cocktail party was run in a similar way to normal client cocktail parties with food, drinks, entertainment and customers were able to interact with the organisation’s management team.

It is believed to be the first Zimbabwean company to hold such an event. It is certainly the first within the country’s insurance services industry to do so.

Watch video in the link below:


Zimnat group marketing executive Tatenda Marongwe said the idea was inspired by the realisation that Zimnat needed to maintain its engagement with customers, regardless of the Covid-19 pandemic, to provide them with much needed reassurance.

“Because of the value Zimnat places on keeping its customers engaged, we decided to find an alternative to the cocktail parties we usually hold for them and not allow the pandemic to prevent us from interacting with them. We believe in dancing in the rain.

That’s how the concept of the Gungano/Umhlangano Online Cocktail Party was born. Today’s event was the first such online cocktail party. It was so successful that we will continue to hold such events for various clusters of clients until such a time when we can once again meet with them physically,” she said.

“It has been a difficult time for us all, including our customers. We realised that at some point we needed to work around the new normal and find ways to continuously engage with our customers, as we continue to make their lives better,” she added.

Zimnat has put in place protocols, in line with World Health Organisation recommendations, to play its part in contributing to efforts to flatten the Covid‑19 curve. Most employees are working from home. Customers are being encouraged to minimise visits to Zimnat offices, making use instead of virtual platforms for all enquiries.

The Zimnat Group, which is a diversified financial services group associated with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial services group on the continent, incorporates Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Financial Services, Zimnat Asset Management and the Funeral Services Group.



Zimnat making life better for Melfort Old People's Home

Zimnat continues to make life better for the elderly

Zimnat, has lived to Its promise to continuously support the elderly by providing free motor insurance cover for some of Melfort Old People’s Home vehicles for the year 2020, a continuation from 2019.

Located along Mutare Road, in Harare, Melfort Old People’s Home, which is registered with Help Age, accommodates up to 60 elderly residents, most of whom have been referred to it by the social welfare department.

The home received a donation of vehicles beginning of 2019 and immediately approached the Zimnat Group for assistance with motor insurance.

With the knowledge that the elderly, the community’s senior citizens need as much help as they can get, Zimnat decided to provide free insurance cover for the home’s vehicles.

The first-year term of insurance recently expired and Zimnat proactively renewed the insurance for another year.

Upon visiting the home initially, it was discovered that much more needed to be done to help the institution make life better for its residents.

This resulted in the launch of a charity drive dubbed the Heart to Hand Campaign which resulted in a significant donation of goods which included:

  • A 4-plate gas stove, bed linen, grocery items, clothes, cleaning detergents and agricultural inputs that would help the institution become self-sufficient.

The Group Chief Executive Officer, Mustafa Sachak, then committed to continuously see to it that support is rendered to Melfort Old People’s Home.

Zimnat has not disappointed, they have proactively renewed the insurance, free of charge for another year.

“We endeavour to continue making life better for the Melfort community, despite these challenging times, and hope our efforts will go a long way” said Tatenda Marongwe Zimnat Group Marketing Executive

“The Zimnat and Masawara family have shown us kindness and love over the past years and we are so grateful that they always help us in whatever way they can” said Pastor Francis the home’s superintendent.

Zimnat is a diversified financial group that offers products across the financial and insurance spectrum. It has four business units namely Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat Financial Services and Zimnat Asset Management.




The Awakening of a sleeping giant: Zimnat’s journey of brand transformation.

By Gamuchirai Sibanda

 The story of an exceptional brand reinvigoration process is not complete without a tale of how Zimnat dared to do it and succeeded. This is a remarkable story of how an organisation that had been perceived as  a preserve for the elderly and wealthy managed to turn around its perception in the market into a more adept, and youthful brand that has the ability to offer a holistic financial services package for the millennial and Gen Z customer as well.

In 2015 Sanlam Emerging Markets acquired 40% stake in the Zimnat companies namely Life Assurance, General Insurance and Asset Management from Masawara Insurance in a move that saw the business embarking on a rebranding journey in 2017. The rebranding journey saw all the associated companies adopting the Zimnat brand name, colours, logo as well as a new and commonly shared purpose of making life better. The rebranding efforts to reiterate the new mission for the group have seen the organisation making headlines on a number of corporate social responsibility initiatives which include the Charity Marathon for Cebisani Ndlovu’s surgery, Chizungu Ablution block donation just to mention a few.

In addition to changing the look and feel as well as the purpose, the organisation also embarked on an intensive internal rebranding exercise. Realising the importance of an internal cultural shift in any rebranding exercise Zimnat has been engaging in a number of culture transformation initiatives which included the Pay it forward campaign which was aimed at reinforcing the new company purpose.

This rebranding journey is still an ongoing process which has already started to bear remarkable results as was witnessed at the 2019 Exceptional Marketing Awards for Excellence where Zimnat dominated the awards ceremony winning 8 awards out of the 15 categories it was nominated for. The recent successes can be attributed to the ongoing efforts by the organisation to promote and reinforce its commitment of making life better through some outstanding creative advertising which includes the famous award-winning car crash billboard. The 2019 success comes after the organisation also made a huge impression in 2018 as well managing to scoop 5 awards at the same event, this was a huge improvement for an organisation that did not receive an award of marketing excellence in the year 2017. A clear testament of the awakening of the great financial services giant that Zimnat is meant to be.

This remarkable turnaround success can be attributed to the outstanding commitment from the staff that were willing to embrace the new business ideals and were great ambassadors for the organisation.

Zimnat, a diversified financial services group made up of four business units, namely Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat Financial Services and Zimnat Asset Management. It is associated with Sanlam, which is the largest non-banking financial services group on the continent

Call Zimnat today for a free quote on toll-free number 08080063/4/6.

Alternatively you can send an email at customercare@zimnat.co.zw or visit our social media, www.zimnat.co.zw or social media sites, which are https://www.facebook.com/Zimnat/, https://twitter.com/ZimnatOfficial  and  https://zw.linkedin.com/company/zimnat


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Employers can establish schemes to give employees peace of mind

In an economy facing a shrinking disposable income and personal life insurance is fast becoming an afterthought, the importance of employer assisted insurance schemes has never been more critical. Employer assisted schemes can help employees prepare for the different stages of their lives and that of their families. These schemes help ensure that in the event of their death, their dependants can continue living a normal and comfortable life.

Zimnat Life Assurance is offering employers several solutions to help them make their employees better by ensuring they live their best lives without worrying about tomorrow because Zimnat Life will take care of everything.

Group Life Assurance Schemes.

The Zimnat Life Group Life Assurance Plan is an insurance scheme an employer can take out to cover the lives of employees. The scheme ensures that a lump sum payment is made to the beneficiaries of an employee who passes on. It is worth to note that the benefit is only payable if the employee passes on whilst in the service of the employer. The employer is responsible for paying the premiums for this insurance cover.

The lump sum benefit due to the surviving dependants is paid as a multiple of the employee’s annual salary. In addition to the above stated benefits the employer has the option of adding more benefits to their employees’ covers such as cover for total and permanent disability. Furthermore, employers can add the group funeral insurance which can guarantee their employees get a decent funeral in the event of their untimely passing.

Pension Fund

A pension fund can be defined as a financial vehicle to which the employer and employees contribute for the ultimate financial benefit of the employee and his family at retirement, retrenchment, death, disablement or termination of employment. Many people are scared of retirement because they do not have a financial back-up plan. Pension funds can help you stay in control of your life, as if you never left employment. The Zimnat Employee benefits scheme also offer employers the opportunity to contribute to a pension fund for their employees guaranteeing them of a comfortable life after retirement.

Credit Life Protection

The Zimnat Life Credit Life Protection scheme ensures that Zimnat Life Assurance will meet the financial obligations due to the employees in the event of their death or permanent disability. Debt settlement is one of the most difficult adjustment for most dependants in the event of the breadwinners’ death or incapacitation, and the Zimnat credit life protection scheme was developed to ease such burdens.

Mortgage Protection

Settling of mortgages in the event of the death of the breadwinners is a common predicament that several families are going through. With the Zimnat Mortgage Protection scheme, employers are guaranteeing the settlement of outstanding mortgage balances of their employees in the event of their permanent incapacitation or untimely death. Zimnat life guarantees payment of the outstanding mortgage balance in the event of the death or total and permanent disablement of the borrower who was insured under the mortgage protection scheme. With this policy employers enable their employees’ surviving families to retain ownership of property in the event of the death of the employee without fear of such properties being repossessed. 

Financial Planning

Pension Funds and Group Life Assurance schemes are very useful safety nets for the future, however despite their benefits they an employer’s attempt to providing the bare minimum cushioning. Sound individual financial planning cannot be an afterthought if one wants to guarantee a comfortable life for their dependants. Taking the time to speak to a Zimnat Financial advisor is the first step towards financial freedom and comfort that everyone needs.

Regular Reviews

To ensure the maximum benefit of these schemes, there is need for a constant review of your financial plan to match the economic environment. One must constantly review their plans to align with the changing needs of the future.

For more details contact us on e-mail customercare@zimnat.co.zw

Alternatively, you can call us on 024‑2707582/3/5/6.




You can also contact us on our toll free number (08080063/4/6) or visit our self-care portal (http://selfcare.zimnat.co.zw/)



Zimnat legal insurance

Get the Zimnat Legal Insurance

Life is journey full of cycles of happiness as well as sorrow and Oscar Wilde once said “to expect the unexpected in life shows a thoroughly modern intellect,” you cannot plan or schedule most of the traumatic life events but all you can do is be prepared for whatever comes your way. In the course of your life you may find yourself in a situation that may warrant you to seek legal recourse from the courts of law. Most of these instances occur at a time when you are least prepared for the financial obligations that come with enforcing your rights including hiring your legal counsel. Given the big financial implications associated with seeking legal recourse, you may find yourself in an untenable financial position and it is this gap that Zimnat General Insurance seeks to cover with the Zimnat Legal Insurance. This new plan seeks to make your life better by providing you with affordable legal representation should the need arise.

The Zimnat legal insurance is a legal protection plan which allows you access to the law by providing legal advice and covering legal costs of a dispute ranging from civil, criminal and labour cases. The plan has several options from which you can choose the type of legal representation you may need from the following options:

*NB the cover includes but is not limited to the below options

Ultimate cover:

  • Civil matters
  • Criminal Matters
  • Labour matters

Civil Cover:

  • Accidental claims cases
  • Contractual disputes
  • Delictual disputes

Labour Cover:

  • Workplace related disputes
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Discrimination at work
  • Unfair dismissals

Once involved in a legal dispute or in a situation requiring legal representation you can simply call Zimnat for assistance. Zimnat will then advise you of the status of your claim within 48 hours, after which you are issued with an authorisation letter to give to a lawyer and access legal representation

To ensure your life is made better in situations where the insured individual is incapacitated or behind bars, a next of kin can lodge the claim on your behalf, verification and issuance of letter of authority are done within 8 hours

Payments for premiums can be made through various channels such as Payroll deduction, Ecocash, Bank stop order, Cash/swipe. Additionally, once you have signed up you receive a complimentary funeral cash pay-out for yourself and every family member you may choose to put on the plan.

Call us today for a quote  on toll free number 08080063/4/6 or email customercare@zimnat.co.zw

Alternatively, you can visit our social media,





If you suspect a case of coronavirus COVID-19, please contact your nearest emergency rapid response team on the following toll-free numbers:

National Emergency Rapid Response Centre: 08002000

Wilkins Hospital (Harare): 08009000

Thorngroove Infectious Hospital (Bulawayo): 08009001

Mutare Infectious Diseases Hospital: 08009002

Gweru General Hospital: 08009003

Masvingo General Hospital: 08009004


- End



Zimnat Life Assurance

Life insurance: An expression of altruistic love

The love for family is an expression of love in its purest form and each family has its own way of expressing that love. One of the common ways’ families show love to one another is by taking care of each other but what would happen if one of them were to die unexpectedly? Would that expression of love still exist? With life insurance that is possible!

Buying life insurance is altruism at its purist form because you are putting the needs of your loved ones before your own. It is a way to show the one you care most deeply about that you will love and take care of them while you are living and even after you die. However, there are some topics that we as a people just don’t like talking about and life insurance one of the major issues that can cause some discomfort, because it sounds expensive and brings to mind your own mortality.

Family discussions around life insurance and estate planning are shunned upon because nobody wants to be reminded about his or her demise and a thought that you don’t benefit directly from having life insurance lingers at the back of your minds. But death is an eventuality that we all need to face and make sure you continue to protect your loved ones by adequately preparing them for a life after us because when it happens it’s pretty much beyond your control. And one of the ways to get your affairs in order is to put life insurance in place. That way should the unexpected happen, you will have everything setup to financially protect your loved ones.

The concept of life insurance is simple: when you die while your policy is active, your family will receive a cash payout from your insurer called a death benefit. The death benefit is to help your family with either your funeral or post burial expenses depending on the type of life insurance you have. Depending on your lifestyle, family structure, and financial position, different types of life insurance coverages exist that can be customized to make sure that your family still feels the warmth of your embrace even after you are gone. However, despite these benefits of life insurance some perfect excuses always come up to help you avoid thinking or talking about life insurance with your loved ones:

As highlighted above many people simply disregard life insurance due to the fear of mortality as well as its perceived cost. Most people overestimate the cost of life insurance however Zimnat Life as an insurer determined to make life better for all, offers different policy types to accommodate the different financial positions of all customers. To determine what your premiums would be, a good first step is to complete a needs analysis to calculate your coverage needs. Then, ask for a quote from any of Zimnat’s financial advisors at no charge (and no obligation to purchase), so you have nothing to lose. Think about this: if money is tight in the household right now, imagine how tight it would be if you weren’t around to contribute financially to it?


I am young I don’t need life insurance right now

As someone who just graduated from tertiary education, got that dream job and starting a family any thought about your unexpected mortality is the least about your worries. However, as you come of age and become financially independent, we also gain our own dependents whether we are married, or single and such major life milestones also serve as an impetus to start thinking about life insurance. When the thought that young people do not need life insurance crosses your mind ask yourself this question, “Can my family manage financially if I am not around?” If you can’t get a positive answer for this question, then its time you call or get in touch Zimnat’s readily available financial advisors and start planning for your loved ones.


We’re finally empty nesters, so nobody is depending on us.

Many a time we attend funerals of our relatives who die after a long happy life only to discover that they did not have a funeral policy! You find yourself with a lot of questions: How a successful person who has lived up to his/her golden age doesn’t have a life insurance policy for a death they knew was imminent? This dilemma can be attributed to resigning to the thought that you are now an empty nester your dependents have all come of age and they don’t depend on you, so you don’t need life insurance. However, just because children have left the nest, doesn’t mean they’re completely financially independent, will they be able to pay for your funeral expenses on their own.  Also, remember that life insurance isn’t only designed to protect just children; it’s also to protect the remaining spouse. Would your partner be able to manage without your financial assistance? If you can’t get a definitive yes to this question, then it’s time to visit your nearest Zimnat office or agent and get a quote today!

So, while it is important to show your love in many ways, do not overlook the importance and significance of life insurance. Having a proper life insurance in place can bring peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and beneficiaries will be taken care of financially when you die. Showing your love shouldn’t end at death, and with Zimnat Life Assurance it doesn’t.

Zimnat Life Assurance company is a registered life insurance company offering a wide range of customer centric insurance policies ranging from Zimnat Family Funeral Plan, Whole life cover, Zimnat Life security plan, personal pension plan as well as the recently launched Kwedu/Ngekhaya diaspora funeral plan. To find out more about which insurance plan best expresses your love for your loved ones please feel free to get in touch with Zimnat’s advisors on the following platforms toll-free number 08080063/4/6.

Alternatively you can send an email at customercare@zimnat.co.zw or visit our social media sites, which are https://www.facebook.com/Zimnat/, https://twitter.com/ZimnatOfficial  and  https://zw.linkedin.com/company/zimnat

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