Man gets free eye cataract surgery through a Zimnat Initiative

Zimnat partners PROWEB to offer free cataract removal surgery

The promotion of health and emotional wellness is a cause that has defined Zimnat’s corporate social footprint as it continues to seek to make life better for the communities in which it operates.

Zimnat recently partnered with the Professional Women, Women Executives and Business Women’s Forum (PROWEB) to offer free eye cataract surgery to hundreds of people affected by the condition in Zimbabwe.

A team of doctors from Spain under the Elena Barraquer Foundation, working with local doctors, performed the operations at Chitungwiza Central Hospital from September 23 to 28.

The foundation is an offshoot of the Barraquer Opthalmology Centre, a top Spanish Eye Hospital in Barcelona which has for years undertaken similar eye projects in Africa.

More than 200 people from Harare, Mahusekwa, Marondera, Dema, Mount Darwin, Madziva and Shurugwi benefitted from the programme, undergoing successful cataract removal operations.

Supporting this programme, which assisted so many people affected by eye cataracts, is in line with Zimnat’s commitment to making life better.

Several of the beneficiaries of the programme could not hide their joy after the surgery and expressed their gratitude to Zimnat and the organisers for coming to their aid.

Most of the beneficiaries had been living with the condition for some time but had failed to raise the amount required for surgery.

This programme is one of a number that Zimnat has been involved in this year that have made an impact on people’s lives.

Some of the notable initiatives include donations to children living with disabilities, construction of an ablution block for girls at a primary school in Epworth and providing roofing for schools affected by Cyclone Idai.

The company is driven by a purpose to make life better. It is associated with the Sanlam Group, the largest non-banking financial institution on the continent.

The Zimnat group has four business units, namely Asset Management, Life Assurance, General Insurance and Microfinance.

Contact us today on our toll-free number 08080063/4/6. Alternatively you can send us an email on or visit our website or our social media sites, which are:, and


Zimnat Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan

Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan Communique

Zimnat would like to clear the air and give accurate information with respect to Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan (DFCP) policies. The background to this are the recent media reports surrounding alleged changes to the above existing policies.

The relationship between Zimnat and Destiny Financial Services T/A as DFCP

Since January 2012, Destiny Financial Services has been an appointed agent of Zimnat Life Assurance for the DFCP product with the primary mandate to promote, market and extend the sale of funeral cover plans to Zimbabweans in the diaspora through online channels for a commission. To this end and in line with insurance laws, Zimnat operated and continues to operate as the underwriter. An underwriter is a registered life office whose primary responsibilities are to assume the insured risk against payment of the applicable premium, issue policy documents, maintain the policy and settle claims from policy holders in line with the terms and conditions of the product. The relationship between the client and the underwriter begins the moment a policy application has been accepted and a policy document has been issued, subject to payment of premiums.

The Nature of the DFCP Product

DFCP is a long-term funeral cover where one pays premiums for twenty years (20) and is covered for the rest of their lives after the premium paying period. An important point is that premiums must be paid consistently to maintain cover. A lapse will occur where a policy holder fails to pay premiums for a consecutive period of three (3) months. If a policy lapses, unfortunately, all benefits under the policy are lost. The insurance industry is a highly regulated industry. The DFCP product is registered as is required by law with the Insurance and Pension Commission (IPEC) of Zimbabwe and the exchange control division of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). IPEC, the insurance regulator in Zimbabwe and RBZ, have approved the issuing of policies in foreign currency for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. These policies shall be maintained and paid out in foreign currency.

The migration of policies to another insurer

The DFCP policy is a contract between the policy holder and the underwriter. Both the policy holder and underwriter have to agree to a migration of the policy to another underwriter or to any material change of the products or its terms and conditions. A third party, such as a marketing agent like Destiny Financial Services, has no power to migrate a policy to another underwriter or otherwise change the product or its terms. Zimnat has not moved or authorised the movement of policies or contract to any new provider or underwriter.

Security of funds against currency and country risk

Due to the prevailing macro-economic environment in Zimbabwe and upon the request of Zimnat, RBZ has granted authority to ring fence funds related to DFCP for investment offshore. This guarantees the ability of Zimnat as the underwriter to settle claims in the currency contracted. Further to this it is important to underscore the security of policy holder funds with Zimnat for the following reasons:

  • Zimnat is a leading financial services brand in Zimbabwe
  • Zimnat is in partnership with Sanlam, which is the largest non-banking financial services company on the African continent
  • Zimnat has a Global Credit rating of A-
  • Zimnat works with the best local and global reinsurers available
  • Zimnat employs and has access to the best actuaries in the world

Zimnat responses to some specific allegations made through the media

1. “The currency volatility in Zimbabwe is very bad for long term investments like DFCP…… adoption of RTGS as the official currency wiping off people’s USD savings, investments and policies.”

Our Response

  • IPEC and RBZ have given authority to ring fence funds related to DFCP for investment offshore with a view to guarantee the ability of Zimnat as the underwriter to settle claims in the currency and to the value contracted.
  • The Government of Zimbabwe has been unequivocally supportive of diaspora related products. Circular 13 of 2019 from IPEC dealing with the authority to offer selected insurance policies in foreign currency, coming after the gazetting of Statutory Instrument (S.I) 142 Of 2019, gives provisions to this effect.
  • As a policy, Zimnat engages internationally reputed Re-Insurers to carry any risk that Zimnat cannot carry, including but not limited to currency related risk. In simple terms, Zimnat has in place sufficient protections to guarantee the settlement of all DFCP claims in foreign currency.

2. “Policy holders lost money on Gadziriro (“USD” Funeral cover)”

Our Response

  • Gadziriro (“USD” Funeral cover) is a local product. As promulgated by Circular 13 of 2019 from IPEC dealing with the    authority to offer selected insurance policies in foreign currency, coming after the gazetting of Statutory Instrument (S.I) 142 of 2019, existing foreign currency- denominated products (like Gadziriro) shall run to their natural expiry. Claims will be settled in the contracted currency.

3. “Zimnat Life operates 100% in Zimbabwe and invest in bond notes/ RTGS”

Our Response

  • Zimnat is part of the Sanlam group, which is the largest non-banking financial services company on the continent, with a footprint across 33 countries and has over 90 operating businesses in Africa and Asia. Our investment portfolio is likewise diversified into different investment locations, investment types and investment currencies

4. “Zimnat Is Refusing to be dropped as an Underwriter”

Our Response

  • It is not possible to drop an underwriter from an insurance policy or contract. The alleged dropping of Zimnat as an underwriter by Destiny Finance is a non-event.
  • Zimnat cannot stop a non-exclusive agent like Destiny Finance from engaging an underwriter of their choice, particularly to sell new business. However, Zimnat as a responsible financial services provider with a fiduciary responsibility to policy holders, has an obligation to all/ existing clients to give them sound financial advice. Zimnat also has an obligation to support existing policy holders in their decision making with regards to their policy.
  • In this instance, our existing policy holders stand to potentially lose in the event of lapsing their policy. It is not possible for Destiny Finance to transfer the Zimnat Life policy to another insurer. It is therefore incumbent upon the policy holder to satisfy themselves as to the terms and conditions of any prospective new policy on offer. Zimnat is available to provide clarity, support and any other services that might be required by its clients.

Zimnat’s commitment to our current and future clients

Zimnat will honour and pay all obligations as they fall due for policies that remain valid. Zimnat looks forward to maintaining policies for our existing policy holders. Should you require any clarity, kindly call us or WhatsApp us +263772175991 or reply to the email



Zimnat awarded insurance rating A+

GCR upgrades Zimnat General Insurance rating to A+

Global Credit Rating (GCR) has revised Zimnat General Insurance’s national scale financial strength (insurance rating) rating to A+(zw) Stable Outlook, from its previous rating of A-(zw). The financial strength rating (formerly claims paying ability) went up two notches.

GCR is the leading emerging market focused ratings agency, rating the full spectrum of security classes based on the best international standards. It accords both International Scale and National Scale ratings. Together with its international affiliates, it rates almost 3 000 organisations and debt issues spanning four continents.

The rationale for Zimnat General Insurance’s new rating

Explaining the rationale for Zimnat General Insurance’s new rating, GCR said the insurance company’s national scale financial strength rating “reflects support from a sound business profile and a disciplined approach to underwriting and capital management”.

“Offsetting these strengths is liquidity moderation on the back of value preserving strategies, reflecting uncertainties presented by the operating environment.

“The insurer has maintained strong brand recognition and evidenced healthy growth momentum over the review period, with a significant increase in market share in the 2018 financial year, underpinned by comparatively high risk uptake in key lines of business,” GCR said.

Zimnat General Insurance chief executive officer Stanley Mazorodze said the rating should see clients enjoying enhanced security, innovative insurance products and continued timely claim payments.

“More operational flexibility comes with such a good rating, positioning the company to be a strong short-term insurer of choice.

“The company will boost its capacity to exercise its philosophy of providing the market with realistic insurance cover products that help clients achieve their set objectives and make their lives better,” he said.

‘To sustain this record A+ rating, Zimnat General Insurance will continue to be creative in developing practical risk solutions for the market and inventive in delivering products best suited to its clients’ needs. We have every intention of making the lives of all our stakeholders better,” he added.

Zimnat General Insurance is a part of the Zimnat group, a diversified financial services group made up of Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Life Assurance, Zimnat Microfinance and Zimnat Asset Management. Zimnat is a partner of Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial services group on the continent.


Kwedu/Ngekhaya funeral plan for Zimbabweans in the diaspora

Zimnat Life Assurance has introduced Kwedu/Ngekhaya, a funeral plan for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. The plan pays out up to USD60 000 for a family of six for those in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Canada and others. It pays to ZAR210 000 for those in Southern Africa.

For a premium of USD23.50 per month, a husband, wife and four children in United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia and Canada are each covered for USD10 000, meaning altogether the benefit is USD60 000. In the event of death, the funds are paid out to ensure funeral, repatriation costs and all services are covered. For those in Southern Africa, for a premium of ZAR189 per month, a husband, wife and four children are each covered for ZAR35 000, with the total benefit being ZAR210 000 which in the event of death, will also be paid out to cater for funeral and travel expenses.

Why do you need this Plan?

An estimated 3 million Zimbabweans are living in the diaspora and many struggle to fund for repatriation and funeral expenses in the event of death and end up resorting to donations and crowd funding for that final journey back home. Zimnat; whose purpose is to make life better, realised the hustle and difficulty that people go through to fund for repatriation, with some resorting to ‘Go fund me’ crowd funding to raise funds. There was also a need to extend the purpose of making life better for all Zimbabweans regardless of where they are in the world, hence the introduction of Kwedu/Ngekhaya.

The plan will enable Zimbabweans abroad to get a solution that gives them peace of mind knowing that they are guaranteed of that final journey back home, where their roots lie and that their family back home is guaranteed of a befitting send off in the event of death.

Kwedu/Ngekhaya Plan Pricing

The minimum cover per person is USD2500 whilst the maximum is USD20 000 and customers are free to choose a cover that meets their needs within the available ranges. For an additional charge, one can add parents and other extended family members.

Premiums for Kwedu/Ngekhaya are payable monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis. The plan also has an option for vigil and tombstone cover, does not have any waiting period in the event of accidental death and no medicals are required to sign up.

The policy can be applied for, online through Zimnat’s self-help web portal, On the same platform, locals in Zimbabwe can also refer friends and family to sign up for Kwedu/Ngekhaya.

Zimnat Life Assurance is part of the Zimnat Group comprising of Zimnat General Insurance, Zimnat Asset Management and Zimnat Microfinance. The group is associated with Sanlam South Africa, the largest non-banking financial services group on the continent. The group is driven by a purpose to make life better.

Zimnat Social Media Followers Win Trip To Cape Town Marathon

By Byron Adonis Mutingwende

Zimnat today announced the social media winners of an all-expenses-paid trip to Capetown to participate in the Sanlam Marathon on September 15 and briefed the winners, Tariro Makanga and Lilian Choruwa, on what to expect in Capetown. Tariro and Lilian both live in Harare. Tariro, who lives in Highlands, is a broadcast journalist with a private media company, while Lilian, who lives in Borrowdale Brooke, works for a legal firm as a conveyancer. The marathon, which is the only Gold status marathon on the African continent, every year attracts 23 international running clubs and more than 15 000 runners, including some world class athletes.

Zimnat decided to give two social media followers the experience of a lifetime by running a competition on its social media platforms for the all-expenses paid trip to Capetown to participate in the marathon. Entrants to the competition could either tag a Zimnat social media page with a video or picture of how they would get ready for a marathon with a partner or a friend or else tag Zimnat in a posted video of them sharing a story about someone who helped them on their life’s journey.

This was in line with the theme of the marathon, which is Life Is A Marathon, You can’t do it alone. The winning entry was the one with the most likes. The competition attracted an overwhelming number of submissions. A total of 55 000 people were reached, with 4 231 engagements, 914 likes and 612 comments in just one week. Tariro managed to secure the tickets for herself and Lilian with 327 likes. Zimnat is sending them both to Capetown so that they encourage and motivate each other as they take on the 10km race. Zimnat Group Marketing Executive Angela Mpala took the winners through what they had won and the activities awaiting them in Capetown, during a handover ceremony at Zimnat House in Harare today.

They are set to depart on September 14 on a direct flight to Capetown, where they will experience world-class service at the Radisson RED, the 4,5 Star hotel where they will reside and dine for the duration of their stay.The pair will run the marathon the following day, after which they will be taken on a sightseeing tour of Capetown. They will travel back to Zimbabwe the next day, September 16. They could hardly contain their excitement at the handover ceremony.

“We are excited. We have been running marathons for years and are glad it has reaped rewards. This win coincides with Lilian’s birthday, which makes it an especially welcome celebration. We are proud to be associated with Zimnat,” Tariro said. Zimnat is also sending to Capetown two staff members, who won the trip in a separate promotion for staff.

Zimnat Group CEO Mustafa Sachak said he was pleased with the huge response to the promotion. “With this promotion we have managed to cover our most important stakeholders, who are our clients and our staff. In line with our purpose of making life better, we always want to promote health and wellness. We are pleased with the overwhelming response we have received,” he said.

Ms Mpala said those who wanted to stay updated on the winners’ journey and share their travels, experiences and stay in Cape Town could do so by visiting Zimnat’s social media pages. Zimnat is associated with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution on the continent. It offers businesses and individuals a variety of products, including motor insurance, home insurance, life assurance, travel insurance, funeral cover, health and accident insurance, pension schemes, unit trusts and private wealth management.

Zimnat marathon beneficiary scheduled for surgery

Cebisani Ndlovu, the 30-year-old Bulawayo man for whom Zimnat organised a fund-raising marathon last November, is provisionally booked for spinal surgery in the second week of next month.

The half-marathon Zimnat organised at Barclays Sports Club in Harare to raise funds for Mr Ndlovu’s spinal surgery raised almost $7 000, only $500 short of the $7 500 it was estimated at the time would be required for the surgery.

So far Zimnat has paid $8 654.94 for hospitalisation, doctor’s fees, a surgical assistant and the anaesthetist, in addition to $550 for a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan.

“We are glad to have been able to make Cebisani’s surgery possible. His surgery has been tentatively scheduled for the second week of February.

“We should like to thank all those who helped us to help Cebisani by participating in the marathon we organised on November 10 last year,” said Zimnat group marketing executive Angela Mpala.

There was a huge turnout for the marathon, with 740 people taking part in the half-marathon or shorter runs, while others who did not run donated towards the total amount raised for Mr Ndlovu’s surgery.

Mr Ndlovu, who has difficulty walking, even with the aid of crutches, which he first started using in Form One, witnessed the fund-raising marathon and chatted to some of the participants.

“Zimnat is committed to making life better for others. We were moved by the plea of this young man, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Risk Management and Insurance but has been unable to obtain a job due to his disability.

“We decided to ask members of the public to help us assist him and they responded magnificently,” she said.

Zimnat and THI exhibit together at Agrishow

Zimnat and THI insurance, which earlier this year entered into an underwriting management agency agreement with Zimnat General Insurance, are jointly participating in this year’s Agricultural Dealers’ and Managers’ Association Agrishow.

The agreement between THI and Zimnat General Insurance, which came into effect on January 1 this year, resulted in THI being underwritten by Zimnat in conjunction with Santam Agriculture, through Zimnat’s shareholder partnership with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution in Africa.

THI’s agricultural insurance experience and Zimnat’s wide general insurance experience and partnership with Santam Agriculture, as well as the brand reputation of all three of these entities, have enhanced the insurance products and service they are able to offer farmers.

Farmers participating in the ADMA Agrishow will be able to discover some of the insurance benefits that the combined expertise and resources of Zimnat, Sanlam Agriculture and THI offer them.

THI, Zimnat and Santam Agriculture together have the resources to respond effectively to the changing insurance needs of Zimbabwean farmers and their upstream and downstream service suppliers.

There are many risks that farmers face, including variations in the weather and pest infestations that require good agricultural insurance policies.

There are also many other types of insurance policies offered by Zimnat, such as vehicle insurance and life assurance, that farmers could benefit from.

Zimnat Life, Zimnat Financial Services and the Funeral Services Group are participating in the Agrishow alongside Zimnat General Insurance and THI Insurance, enabling farmers to learn about not only the agricultural insurance products that THI and Zimnat offer them but about the full range of services Zimnat offers.

This includes vehicle insurance and other short-term insurance policies, as well as trade credit insurance, offered by Zimnat General Insurance, life assurance policies and retirement plans, funeral policies and services, and financial services, including loans and asset management, offered by Zimnat Financial Services.

Mobile agricultural laboratory brings technology to the field

The AgriShow held at Borrowdale Racecourse from Thursday last week until Saturday was an eye opener for those who attended it for the first time, with an impressive exhibition of agricultural equipment, much of which was large modern sophisticated machinery.

The show, held by the Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers Association (ADMA), attracted not only manufacturers of and dealers in farming equipment but many other companies that offer products and services to the agricultural sector.

Among the large exhibits was a 20 metre 30 tonne mobile agricultural laboratory designed to provide agricultural laboratory services in rural areas. The impressive laboratory was stationed at the Zimnat/THI Insurance stand.

The two companies showcased the mobile laboratory, in partnership with Santam Agriculture, a subsidiary of Sanlam, a South African company with which Zimnat is associated.

The laboratory is well equipped. All the equipment, apart from air conditioners, is run with solar power.

The laboratory truck includes a training room, which can be used for training groups of farmers and to introduce agriculture science to youths in remote areas. If the group is too large for the training room, those outside the truck can follow proceedings in the training room on two high definition televisions screens.


One of the main purposes of the mobile laboratory is to enable farmers to have soil and water tests done close to where they are, so they do not have to travel long distances to have such samples analysed. An analysis of soil samples is important for deciding on what fertiliser to use.

Zimnat General Insurance chief executive officer Stanley Mazorodze says the laboratory is intended not only to enable emerging farming businesses to do soil and water analysis but also to introduce technology to rural schoolchildren.

“The mobile laboratory enables us to bring appropriate technology to the field where it is needed most,” he said.

The Zimnat/THI stand had a rural feel to it, with bales of straw being used as seats. The two companies highlighted the agricultural insurance they offer and the benefits to be derived from the joint expertise and resources of Zimnat, Sanlam Agriculture and THI.

“THI, Zimnat and Santam Agriculture together have the resources to respond effectively to the changing insurance needs of Zimbabwean farmers and their upstream and downstream service suppliers,” Mr Mazorodze said.

There are many risks that farmers face, including variations in the weather and pest infestations that require good agricultural insurance policies, he pointed out.

Zimnat made use of its presence at the AgriShow to highlight other insurance policies that Zimnat offers, such as vehicle insurance, export credit insurance and life assurance, and the financial and asset management services provided by Zimnat Financial Services.

Man running in marathon

Zimnat offers expenses paid participation in Capetown marathon

Zimnat is offering its lucky social media followers an all-expenses-paid trip to Capetown. Winners of this competition will participate in the annual Sanlam Marathon to be held next month. The Capetown marathon runs from September 22 to 23. It is the only Gold status marathon on the African continent. The Capetown marathon attracts over 23 international running clubs annually. This includes a world-class elite field of athletes and more than 15 000 runners.

As a way of making life better, Zimnat will be giving away an all-expenses-paid trip to three lucky winners – two social media followers. To top it off one member of staff will also participate in the Capetown marathon.

How you can win

To stand a chance to win interested candidates should follow and tag Zimnat’s social media pages. They are then expected to post a video or picture of how one would get ready for a marathon with a partner or a friend.

Alternatively, would-be winners can post and tag Zimnat in a video of them sharing a story about someone who has been instrumental in their success.

This is in line with this year’s theme – #LifeIsAMarathon, you can’t do it alone. Zimnat and Sanlam strongly believe in teamwork and working together towards achieving life goals and targets.

Winning criteria

The winners will be selected by the general public by tallying up the post with the most likes.

Zimnat’s social media pages can be accessed on,,

Zimnat will also be giving away some branded running vests until the start of the marathon so everyone is guaranteed a share of the give-aways.

The giveaway competition will run until 20 August to give enough time to prepare travel and living arrangements for the winners.

The Capetown marathon is a great chance to travel and sightsee with a partner or friend. It also provides an opportunity to cultivate a culture of fitness. This opportunity is open anyone who would love to start a health-conscious journey.

Zimnat is associated with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution on the continent. The company offers businesses and individuals a variety of products including motor insurance, home insurance, life assurance, travel insurance, funeral cover, health and accident insurance, pension schemes, unit trusts and private wealth management.

Zimnat innovative billboard

Zimnat Launches Another Innovative Billboard Campaign

Motorists driving towards Harare’s city centre along Borrowdale Road are likely to be surprised to see just before the racecourse what appears to be boulders falling from a container on a billboard and a car beneath the billboard that appears to have collided with them.

This is Zimnat’s latest innovative billboard advert intended to illustrate how unexpected accidents can occur, the implication being that it is wise to be insured against accidents.

“Whatever life delivers, Zimnat makes it better,” is the message displayed on the billboard. The message here is that whatever life throws at one, Zimnat can make the situation better.

The 3D advert which includes a realistic looking container and a real wrecked car at the foot of the billboard, makes the scene that is portrayed of a car colliding with falling boulders look realistic. This makes the advert dramatic and unique.

The launch of the company’s latest billboard campaign comes exactly a year after the group made headlines with its 2018 billboard campaign, which included a real car apparently embedded in a wall in the city centre. Last year’s billboard campaign won the group an award for the Best Outdoor Advert of the Year at the Marketer’s Association of Zimbabwe Exceptional Marketing Awards.

The rest of the group’s billboards throughout the country have been revamped to communicate the new theme of how Zimnat makes life better for its customers. The messaging on the billboards covers all Zimnat’s business units, which include general insurance, life insurance, asset management and micro finance.

Zimnat is associated with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution on the continent (Africa). The company offers businesses and individuals a variety of products including motor insurance, home insurance, life assurance, travel insurance, funeral cover, health and accident insurance, pension schemes, unit trusts and private wealth management.