The month of October is known as a month for celebrating customers internationally, with corporates devoting their efforts to recognising and honouring customers as well as the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. This year, the celebrations were themed ‘Excellence Happens Here’ and Zimnat also participated in these celebrations in a very exciting way across all branches.

Celebrations at Zimnat started off on Monday the 1st of October with a theme set for each day of the week. Monday was a day for serving customers with a Positive Attitude, Tuesday was for ‘Speed’, Wednesday for ‘Taking action,  Thursday was for ‘Listening to Customers’ Needs’ and finally Friday was dedicated to being a ‘Product Expert.’

Tuesday was the main celebrations day and Zimnat committed the day to celebrating the brand through wearing Zimnat branded wear and badges committing themselves to being a Customer Service Specialist.

Various activities were lined up for staff members and customers who visited the Zimnat branches. All new customers who signed up during the week walked away with a branded gift, those who submitted referrals also walked away with a branded gift and customers also had an opportunity to have pictures taken together with the Zimnat staff.

The week ended with the customer care team going through a teambuilding event held at Tree of Life in Ruwa on Saturday 6 October 2018.