Have you worked hard to build your home and buy the furniture? Unforeseen disasters like fires and floods can take away your lifetime savings and efforts in just minutes. Such occurrences make you realise how invaluable home insurance is.

Although it tends to be a begrudging purchase, it really is wise to set aside a few dollars to buy insurance, considering that cover for a house worth $100,000 costs as little as $100 per year. *
For many, their home is probably their largest and most important investment. It therefore requires sufficient thought in making sure it is protected in case of disaster. Zimnat General Insurance provides comprehensive protection against unfortunate events that may befall the house and its occupants with its domestic insurance product. This product comes in the following five sections:

  1. Homeowners which is protection for your physical buildings,
  2. Householders that protects the contents of your home,
  3. Multiple risks that covers items that you regularly take outside the house,
  4. Personal accident and
  5. Personal liability.

Homeowners insurance covers your building and all other fixtures around the home, including geysers, boundary walls, garages, gates and gate motors, swimming pool motors amongst others. Contrary to popular assumption that home insurance only covers fire risk, or that it’s the only disaster that endangers the house, there’s quite a number of perils that are covered such as lightning, flooding, explosions, non-political riots and broken burglar bars in theft attempts. In case any of these happen Zimnat would either ensure your home is fixed, rebuilt or offer a cash/money settlement.

It is also interesting to know that under homeowners insurance, you can be covered for loss of rent whilst your property is being fixed. So in essence Zimnat makes sure that both your property and rental income are safe. House holders insurance covers the contents in your house, even when you do not own the property you are staying in. In the case of rented accommodation, there is still cover for the valuables in the house. These may include, TVs, fridges, stoves, garden furniture, and works of art, money and clothes on the washing line among others. Householders insurance also extends to cover items belonging to your domestic workers, and guests in your home.

To further highlight the benefits of home insurance consider the following:

  • Should your home be unsuitable for living in due to a covered event, you can arrange alternative accommodation whilst the house is being fixed, and the cost of such accommodation will be borne by the insurer.
  • During the time your house is being fixed, the insurer will pay the costs of a watchman for your home.
  • If you accidentally lose your keys, the insurer will pay to have your keys and locks replaced
  • If the contents of your fridge go bad because of accidental damage to the fridge, you’re covered for the value of these contents.

Another interesting cover in this section is tenants’ liability. This covers you for accidental damage you may cause to the landlord’s fixtures. Meaning as a tenant if you provide proof that you have home contents insurance you can be exempted from paying the security deposit landlords usually require.

The third section “Multiple risks” covers items you wear and that you usually carry outside the house. These include clothes, jewellery, laptops, phones, sporting equipment and spectacles. These items are covered within the house and anywhere else in the world you take them.

For those who like golf, Zimnat also offers a hole-in-one cover. This means that should any member of the household score a hole-in-one, whilst playing in an amateur game, the insurer will pay for the present. So the next time you hit a hole-in-one, there’s going to be more than enough to go around.

The personal accident section of the policy covers members of the household for accidental injury to their body. The accidents may be traffic accidents, burns, drowning, falling from ladders or trees etc. In the case of an accident, the policy will pay for medical expenses incurred. It will also provide compensation for any permanent disabilities sustained and for the time one is not able to attend to normal work. In the unfortunate event of death by accident, the policy will also provide a lump sum compensation.

Cover under the home insurance policy also extends to personal liability to visitors at your home. This may be in relation to medical bills due to injuries caused at your home from dog bites, or people slipping and falling within your home.

In addition to all the benefits above Zimnat also offers a complementary valuation of your property. Do not be caught off guard by the next disaster, let Zimnat make your life better!

Written by Raymond Jowa

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