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Comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your car as well as third-party damage, while third-party car insurance only covers damage to other people’s vehicles.

You can make use of our selfcare portal to generate an estimated quotation of your premium based on your car make, model, and other factors.

Zimnat offers various types of life insurance policies, including annually renewable life insurance, funeral insurance, and pension plans.

Yes, Zimnat offers travel insurance for your international trips, visit our selfcare portal to get a quote today!

Yes, Zimnat offers home insurance that covers both the structure and contents of your home.

Yes, Zimnat offers various types of business insurance policies, including property insurance, liability insurance, fleet motor insurance, business interruption insurance as well as group life assurance for your staff.

Zimnat offers a range of investment products, including unit trusts, equity funds, private wealth management and money market.

Yes, Zimnat offers SME loans, salary-based loans, and home loans. You can apply for a loan through the Zimnat website or by visiting a Zimnat branch.

Yes, Zimnat can cover your mobile as part of your household insurance cover  which covers accidental damage, theft, and loss.

The minimum investment amount for Zimnat unit trusts is ZWL$5,000.

Yes, you can change your investment strategy at any time by contacting a Zimnat investment advisor.

Yes, you can withdraw money from your Zimnat investment products after a minimum investment of 6 months however you can still make an early withdrawal provide you pay a penalty.

Zimnat offers a hospital cash plan which pays out a stipulated.

Yes, Zimnat offers livestock insurance that covers loss of livestock due to accidents, theft, or disease through its specialist agricultural insurance division THI.

Yes, Zimnat offers commercial vehicle insurance that covers loss or damage to your vehicles as well as liability for third-party damage.