There are several products that the Zimnat Group offers. In this column, we will be taking you through some of the products offered by the group, benefit structures and why you should get them. All of these product are some form of investments. Everything you do in life has a reason for example you get married to settle yourself in life with a soul mate and lead yourself towards a family life. You work to make sure that your family does not fall short of basic necessities, you save money for various reasons like vacations and unforeseen events. Even after all this, one needs to protect his/her family in the event of uncontrollable circumstances like accidents or death. The Zimnat Group is here for you during your life journey and beyond. We are here to Make Life Better for you. Let’s explains on some of the products that individual or corporates need to invest in:

Everything is going Micro these days. Why? To make it relevant, affordable and accessible. Our Microfinance arm has readily available loans for various uses. The most interesting and latest product is the MICRO HOUSING LOAN. The product is available to anyone with a house or stand and wants to build or improve it. Why go for MicroFinance? The most affordable rates and flexible terms in the market.

We know and respect that you work tirelessly to ensure that your family, businesses and assets are always protected. The whole life plan is an insurance policy which is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured’s entire lifetime, provided required premiums are paid, or to the maturity date.

Why go for the Individual Whole Life Plan?
• Provision of day to day living expenses upon death
• Protection for outstanding mortgage loans
• Provision of funds to pay any estate duty taxes upon death
• Taking Insurance cover on the life of key people in a business
• Protection of the surviving partner (s) in the event of death of the other

Getting a funeral cover has never been easy as a group with our Group Business department. Whilst death is a painful event that comes unexpectedly, we should all prepare and be able to live with peace of mind knowing that loved ones are cushioned against the funeral expenses.

Why go for the Group Funeral Policy?
• Affordable rates for as low as USD0.50
• No medical examination
• No waiting period for deaths as a result of an
• Flexible premium payments which can be paid
monthly, quarterly or yearly

Health is everyone’s greatest asset. Sudden illness or accidental bodily injury can sometimes leave one financially incapacitated. The Hospital Cash Plan is a benefit product which pay off when a policyholder is hospitalized as a result of an accident or sickness. The plans acts as a complementary product to the Medical Aid. The benefit can be used to pay off any shortfall which might have occurred and additional expenses incurred when one is hospitalized.

Why the Hospital Cash Plan?
• No medical check-ups
• Covers maternity and pre-existing conditions
• Pays up to $200 for every day spent in hospital
• Covers pre-existing conditions
• Cash payouts whilst in hospital
• Flexible premium payment needs
• Covers an unlimited number of dependents

This is my favourite and perhaps the most relevant, not only for corporates but for individuals as well. Everyone, at one point in time, needs to invest. The Asset management arms links all the above entities – investing in short and long term instruments. With 8 registered asset managers in Zimbabwe, Zimnat Asset Management has been rated NUMBER ONE (1) on a rolling 3, 4 and 5 year period for Pension Funds.

Stable Income Fund
A simple but stable fund is the Stable Income Fund. This is a taxable purely money market fund, providing a reasonable, stable and low risk environment. Its underlying assets are high yielding fixed income instruments namely corporate debt instruments, bankers’ acceptances, certificates of deposits and other interest bearing liquid assets. This fund is ideal for taxable individuals wishing to receive a stable income from their investments, as opposed to achieving capital growth.

Combining all these products
With the Zimnat Group products, we are not only interested in one part of your life but we want to be with you all way.