The love for family is an expression of love in its purest form and each family has its own way of expressing that love. One of the common ways’ families show love to one another is by taking care of each other but what would happen if one of them were to die unexpectedly? Would that expression of love still exist? With life insurance that is possible!

Buying life insurance is altruism at its purist form because you are putting the needs of your loved ones before your own. It is a way to show the one you care most deeply about that you will love and take care of them while you are living and even after you die. However, there are some topics that we as a people just don’t like talking about and life insurance one of the major issues that can cause some discomfort, because it sounds expensive and brings to mind your own mortality.

Family discussions around life insurance and estate planning are shunned upon because nobody wants to be reminded about his or her demise and a thought that you don’t benefit directly from having life insurance lingers at the back of your minds. But death is an eventuality that we all need to face and make sure you continue to protect your loved ones by adequately preparing them for a life after us because when it happens it’s pretty much beyond your control. And one of the ways to get your affairs in order is to put life insurance in place. That way should the unexpected happen, you will have everything setup to financially protect your loved ones.

The concept of life insurance is simple: when you die while your policy is active, your family will receive a cash payout from your insurer called a death benefit. The death benefit is to help your family with either your funeral or post burial expenses depending on the type of life insurance you have. Depending on your lifestyle, family structure, and financial position, different types of life insurance coverages exist that can be customized to make sure that your family still feels the warmth of your embrace even after you are gone. However, despite these benefits of life insurance some perfect excuses always come up to help you avoid thinking or talking about life insurance with your loved ones:

As highlighted above many people simply disregard life insurance due to the fear of mortality as well as its perceived cost. Most people overestimate the cost of life insurance however Zimnat Life as an insurer determined to make life better for all, offers different policy types to accommodate the different financial positions of all customers. To determine what your premiums would be, a good first step is to complete a needs analysis to calculate your coverage needs. Then, ask for a quote from any of Zimnat’s financial advisors at no charge (and no obligation to purchase), so you have nothing to lose. Think about this: if money is tight in the household right now, imagine how tight it would be if you weren’t around to contribute financially to it?


I am young I don’t need life insurance right now

As someone who just graduated from tertiary education, got that dream job and starting a family any thought about your unexpected mortality is the least about your worries. However, as you come of age and become financially independent, we also gain our own dependents whether we are married, or single and such major life milestones also serve as an impetus to start thinking about life insurance. When the thought that young people do not need life insurance crosses your mind ask yourself this question, “Can my family manage financially if I am not around?” If you can’t get a positive answer for this question, then its time you call or get in touch Zimnat’s readily available financial advisors and start planning for your loved ones.


We’re finally empty nesters, so nobody is depending on us.

Many a time we attend funerals of our relatives who die after a long happy life only to discover that they did not have a funeral policy! You find yourself with a lot of questions: How a successful person who has lived up to his/her golden age doesn’t have a life insurance policy for a death they knew was imminent? This dilemma can be attributed to resigning to the thought that you are now an empty nester your dependents have all come of age and they don’t depend on you, so you don’t need life insurance. However, just because children have left the nest, doesn’t mean they’re completely financially independent, will they be able to pay for your funeral expenses on their own.  Also, remember that life insurance isn’t only designed to protect just children; it’s also to protect the remaining spouse. Would your partner be able to manage without your financial assistance? If you can’t get a definitive yes to this question, then it’s time to visit your nearest Zimnat office or agent and get a quote today!

So, while it is important to show your love in many ways, do not overlook the importance and significance of life insurance. Having a proper life insurance in place can bring peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones and beneficiaries will be taken care of financially when you die. Showing your love shouldn’t end at death, and with Zimnat Life Assurance it doesn’t.

Zimnat Life Assurance company is a registered life insurance company offering a wide range of customer centric insurance policies ranging from Zimnat Family Funeral Plan, Whole life cover, Zimnat Life security plan, personal pension plan as well as the recently launched Kwedu/Ngekhaya diaspora funeral plan. To find out more about which insurance plan best expresses your love for your loved ones please feel free to get in touch with Zimnat’s advisors on the following platforms toll-free number 08080063/4/6.

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