WHO YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF WORK: Workmore is a husband to Cynthia and a father to three children – Tana, Tanya and Tate. He is a lover of the outdoors, preferring to spend quiet time in the garden tending to his plants and domestic animals amongst which are chickens, ducks, and rabbits. He is particularly fond of his 4 dogs and is constantly mindful of the need to make sure the dogs (Boerboels and German Shepherds) do not eat any of the other pets. It’s a tricky balance. Workmore, being a passionate creative at heart loves to sketch and paint as well as to have a go at writing.

VALUES AND HOW THEY INFORM YOUR CAREER GROWTH AND DIRECTION: Workmore believes in the value of leadership starting with leading the self. He believes in the first instance that the greatest human need is to be led, whilst at the same time believing that the first and most consistent leader one has is the self. One has to first lead themselves before they can be led or lead others. Leadership is the “miracle spectacles” of life which gives clarity and vividness to what we all aspire for, what we can achieve and how we can achieve it in a fulfilling manner. When leadership fails, many a time it is the failure of one to lead themselves, to have a vision, a personal goal, a plan and many times, even with these, it is a failure to execute on them diligently and persistently. Because of this view of life, Workmore’s style in life and in the workplace is to seek opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to lead each other towards iconic goals. Leadership, in his eyes is not defined by title nor by rank. It is a state of mind which everyone and anyone can manifest if they so choose.

YOUR WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO OTHER COLLEAGUES: A word of encouragement from Workmore is to confidently dream big, boldly set audacious goals and enthusiastically take action, because “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.