Zimnat and THI insurance, which earlier this year entered into an underwriting management agency agreement with Zimnat General Insurance, are jointly participating in this year’s Agricultural Dealers’ and Managers’ Association Agrishow.

The agreement between THI and Zimnat General Insurance, which came into effect on January 1 this year, resulted in THI being underwritten by Zimnat in conjunction with Santam Agriculture, through Zimnat’s shareholder partnership with Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial institution in Africa.

THI’s agricultural insurance experience and Zimnat’s wide general insurance experience and partnership with Santam Agriculture, as well as the brand reputation of all three of these entities, have enhanced the insurance products and service they are able to offer farmers.

Farmers participating in the ADMA Agrishow will be able to discover some of the insurance benefits that the combined expertise and resources of Zimnat, Sanlam Agriculture and THI offer them.

THI, Zimnat and Santam Agriculture together have the resources to respond effectively to the changing insurance needs of Zimbabwean farmers and their upstream and downstream service suppliers.

There are many risks that farmers face, including variations in the weather and pest infestations that require good agricultural insurance policies.

There are also many other types of insurance policies offered by Zimnat, such as vehicle insurance and life assurance, that farmers could benefit from.

Zimnat Life, Zimnat Financial Services and the Funeral Services Group are participating in the Agrishow alongside Zimnat General Insurance and THI Insurance, enabling farmers to learn about not only the agricultural insurance products that THI and Zimnat offer them but about the full range of services Zimnat offers.

This includes vehicle insurance and other short-term insurance policies, as well as trade credit insurance, offered by Zimnat General Insurance, life assurance policies and retirement plans, funeral policies and services, and financial services, including loans and asset management, offered by Zimnat Financial Services.