Zimnat dresses up construction men. In a move that has won the hearts of Zimbabweans, the Zimnat Group, a leading financial services group has launched a heart-warming winter campaign to raise awareness of the importance of financial planning and ensuring one is always adequately covered regardless of age, gender or social standing.

The campaign, launched on one of the coldest days of the 2023 winter season, involved “covering” the iconic statues of “working men” at the Construction House in Harare. The statues were “covered” in Zimnat-branded jackets. Some influencers took to their social media platforms, a picture of the covered statues and Zimnat responded with an underlying message that read “Even the strongest men need cover.”

The campaign’s key message is that everyone needs financial protection, even those who seem to be the most resilient. Many people find themselves under financial strain at some point, hence Zimnat is urging everyone to take steps to protect themselves from the financial hardship phases of life.

“We want to remind everyone that winter is not just about the cold weather,” said Zimnat Marketing Executive, Tatenda Marongwe “It’s a denotation of how seasons vary in people’s lives, including the rise of unexpected financial pressures at some point due to various kind of losses for we are exposed to varying risks. That is why it’s so important to have financial protection in place.”

The Zimnat winter campaign has been met with widespread support from Zimbabweans. Many people have taken to social media praise the company for its thoughtfulness and compassion in giving such a reminder in a creative way.

“This is such a relevant and important message,” said one Twitter user. “It’s so easy to forget that even I can be vulnerable to financial hardship. This is a real inspiration.”

The Zimnat Group winter campaign is a reminder that everyone needs financial protection, no matter how “financially” strong they may seem. By taking steps to protect yourself from varying risks, you can help to ensure that you are prepared for whatever winter may bring.