By Shingirai Mazambani

Motorists driving towards Harare’s city centre along Borrowdale Road are likely to be surprised to see just before the racecourse what appears to be boulders falling from a container on a billboard and a car beneath the billboard that appears to have collided with them.

This is our latest innovative billboard advert intended to illustrate how unexpected accidents can occur, the implication being that it is wise to be insured against accidents.

“Whatever life delivers, Zimnat makes it better,” is the message displayed on the billboard. The message here is that whatever life throws at you, Zimnat can make the situation better.

The 3D advert which includes a realistic looking container and a real wrecked car at the foot of the billboard, makes the scene that is portrayed of a car colliding with falling boulders look realistic. This makes the advert dramatic and unique.

The billboard was launched exactly a year after we made headlines with our award winning 2018 billboard campaign, which included a real car embedded in a wall in the city centre.

With this billboard we hope to replicate the success of last year which saw us winning an award for the Best Outdoor Advert of the Year at the Marketer’s Association of Zimbabwe Exceptional Marketing Awards.

We have also revamped all our billboards across the country to communicate our new theme of how we make life better for our customers.

The messaging on the billboards covers all Zimnat business units, which include general insurance, life insurance, asset management and micro finance.

In a dramatic twist of events the billboard made social media headlines immediately after its installation when the wrecked car at the foot of the billboard was vandalised resulting in the wheels being stolen.

A true reflection of what may happen after any accident. However thanks to the Zimnat General motor insurance cover the wheels were replaced in 2 days reiterating our commitment to making life better for our customers in their time of need.